Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the Winner of the Potomac Primary: The New York Times

Throughout the day the coverage on the first ever "Potomac Primary" was spotty at best until later in the night, around 7 pm. Monitoring,, and, the best coverage came from didn't even have coverage, or a link to any sort of coverage, until the polls were almost closed. had coverage all day, but that was to be expected because all three locations are in their range of interest. The Post had all of the polls in on time, along with graphs and other visuals to aid in understanding the progress of the Primary., on the other hand, had coverage starting around 3 pm and continued all night, well after the primary was over. Updates via email from, were sent several times throughout the day, but non were sent from nor

At the end of the night, had a nice story on the primary, whereas the others hadn't yet filed complete editions, only having the information laid out.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain swept all three primaries in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland tonight. Earlier in the day the Associated Press had predicted that Obama would win in Virginia, but some other sources didn't want to announce it too early. At first the AP was also saying that Mike Huckabee had won in Virginia, but later corrected to say that McCain won. 

As the polls in Maryland were opened later, the information continued to come in on Washington D.C., and eventually all three results came in, showing that a swept had been accomplished for both Obama and McCain.

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