Saturday, September 19, 2009

Movin' On Up

Today I moved into my new apartment in the Microcentro of Buenos Aires. While I'm still kind of getting settled in, I now feel that I've finally got most of my things unpacked an in some kind of order that I can figure out. I can already tell that I'm really going to like living here. It's right in the center, which can be a bit much at times, but it means that I'm closer to my job. Obviously, that means less time in transit and more time to relax or sleep in. I'm also closer to cafes, restaurants, and other interesting things to do. In addition, it puts me closer to subway stops and buses that will run all over the city. It's a pretty sweet location, in other words.

The apartment itself is really nice and set up very well. I'm living with one other roommate, an Argentinian artist who has put her own work up around the house, putting a real "home" feeling to it, rather than just some posters here and there or empty wall space. I even have three of her own works in my room, which is a nice touch I wasn't expecting. I have the upstairs to myself. It's kind of like a loft, and I have to climb these tiny little stairs to get up, which could be a problem if I've had too much wine, but I'll just adapt and crawl or something.

So for the next few days, maybe weeks, I'll be acquainting myself with the new neighborhood, figuring out where everything is. I already know that just outside the door is a barber shop and a block down is a laundromat. And since this is the center, restaurants and cafes are everywhere. Not that I plan on eating out all the time, but it's nice to keep in mind. There's also a sushi restaurant a block down. Whenever I pull together a little money, I'm going to check it out. It might just be a hidden gem in Buenos Aires.

Tonight is the second night of celebrations for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. I didn't do anything last night, but tonight I'm heading to the Hillel house in the Belgrano neighborhood. I'm hopeful that this will be another avenue to meet other young Argentinians, or at the very least some international students. I haven't been to Belgrano yet, but I hear that it's a rich neighborhood, so I'm interested to see the differences from the other neighborhoods of the city that I've already seen. For now, I need to get a few things for the new apartment, mainly some food for tomorrow, so I'm off. Pictures of the new place will follow soon.

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