Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alive and Well

This is just going to be a short post, as I don´t have much time at the Internet cafe. I am now in Quito, alive and well. and though I´ve been battling fatigue and the rigors of travel, I am here and safe with the rest of the WorldTeach volunteers. It´s a good group, and though orientation will be long and probably an overload of information, it´s good to get to work.

Yesterday we flew in from Miami and got settled at Hotel 6 de diciembre, and after some introductions, met with U.S. Embassy representative John Mason, who did his best to scare us and tell us everything we should watch out for and never do. Hopefully, we´ll never have to call him or we´ll be in real trouble.

Today we began orientation and had a few hours to walk around Quito and get lunch. After a great $2 lunch of meat soup and meat with rice and vegetables, some of us walked around and then got some drinks before stopping in at the Internet Cafe. Later tonight we´ll meet our Quito host families and head home with them. I´ll be staying about an hour away from the orientation site in the city, which will be a tough commute, especially during long days, but have been told that the family is great. I´m looking forward to meeting them. Hopefully the next post will come not too far in the future.

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