Monday, August 25, 2008

Changes to Travel Guy

If you've opened up Travel Guy today and thought you clicked on the wrong blog, don't run away yet! There have been some changes and, I think, improvements to the blog. What does this really mean? Absolutely nothing.

These changes are only aesthetic. There is now a picture on the top of the page which I may update with a new photo every week or two. The background and font colors have changed, which I think is easier on the eyes. The old style kind of made your eyes blur and hurt after reading for more than a couple of minutes. This style should be better for everyone. Of course as time goes on, I might find the need to change it up again, but this will have to be decided in the future.

So again, nothing too major has changed. There aren't any new features, the writing will still be there with some photos if possible. And video will accompany stories if they exist. Keep posted for new updates from the road.


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