Monday, February 16, 2009


Today I'm taking off with my friends Lauren and Becky to Peru. We're taking a bus in a couple of hours to Guayaquil and then getting on the 6:30 p.m. flight to Lima. This is the same flight that wound up being 6 hours delayed when I went to Chile, but apparently it's on time as of right now. We'll spend a day in Lima and then fly to Cuzco (or Cusco) and see the sights, as well as the granddaddy of them all, Macchu Picchu.

From Cuzco we'll go on to Lake Titicaca on the border of Bolivia, and though we've wanted to get into Bolivia and tried to find ways to extend our flights, we just don't think we'll have enough time to get in there. It's also an issue of Americans having to pay $135 for the visa to enter the country. But if we were going to pay that kind of money to get in, we'd like to spend more than a day there.

Our flight back to Guayaquil from Lima is on February 25th, but classes don't start again until March 9th. So the tentative plan is that Lauren and I will travel up the coast of Ecuador to Portoviejo and Esmeraldas, turning right and going to Quilotoa and Ibarra in the north of the sierra. But again, it's all tentative and could easily change. We've also discussed jumping on a bus and going right back into Peru to see the north coast.

In any case, blogging will be difficult for a few days, but I will try to give periodic updates from the road when I can. However, my main concern will be having the experiences rather than stopping every day to write about them. But be patient! When I can I will update on all of the fun stuff that we've been up to, and hopefully the stories will be accompanied by good pictures and video. Until whenever in early March, have a good time and I'll be back eventually. Check in for updates, and I'll see you out there.

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