Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick Decisions

After tomorrow I have a week off with nothing to do. And I need to decide what to do. I've already come close to madness with boredom from three days of having nothing to do last week. I think 7 straight days of that would be just too much. And what's worse is that after July 21st, I have absolutely nothing to do until I leave. So I want to take one more trip.

But I'm thinking of my options and I'm not really sure. I haven't really taken a big trip into the jungle yet, but it's so far away, and I'm not sure how badly I want to take a 10 or so hour bus ride. I could head down to Mancora, Peru for the beach. I've heard good things about Mancora, and it's about 8 hours away from Cuenca. Crossing the border could be a little sketchy, but I know a lot of people who've done it. If I were to travel down there, I'd probably be going by myself, and I'm not sure how much time I want to spend.

Money is an issue, and though I have enough, I'm also trying to save up for Argentina. With that being said, even getting out of Cuenca for a couple of days would be a welcome relief. I heard that the beaches in Ecuador are now too cold to go to, unless you head way up north, maybe 20 hours or more by bus. I'm going to continue to scour my guide book for ideas, but basically there isn't a ton of possibility. I do want to get out of here for a few days though, and so that's what I'll be working on for the next couple of days.

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