Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back on Track

Tonight I came home to an empty apartment, and for a second I was still expecting to hear the TV on in the background or see the girls searching through their backpacks for something else to wear. Amanda left on Wednesday night and Lauren left this afternoon. It was fun having them around, especially because Lauren is a close friend from back in the Ecuador days.

So with a quiet apartment I went food shopping and made my dinner--homemade pizza, as usual. There's a welcome relief in having nothing to do and having the apartment to myself again, but I did like the company. This week's been tough for several reasons, and the upcoming weekend is supposed to have rain.

I've been falling behind on writing, what with the hosting and all, and I want to get caught up. I want to check out a flea market. I want to do a lot of things, but I also need to take some time and get back into the routine I was just barely getting into before the girls showed up. By now I pretty much have it down pat, but there are always kinks to work out. Mainly, I should just man up, stop complaining about it, and get out there.

So more writing will be coming along shortly, just wait.

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