Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tour Guide Weekend

My friend Lauren and her friend Amanda arrived in Buenos Aires on Thursday morning, and since then I've been busy playing tour guide. Even though I myself am new here and learn about new places all the time, I'm now giving the explanations and showing my friends around the block. I never really had guests before when living in Spain or Ecuador (aside from other volunteers), and when my friend Kristine came here we both discovered the city together.

It's a different experience altogether to be the expert on the place you live in, and it's tiring. We've been going around town visiting some spots whenever the rain hasn't been pouring down on us, and when it has. We've gone out to restaurants and bars and stayed out late two nights in a row. I'm pooped, and have to work tomorrow. I'm noticing that it's not as exciting seeing the same touristic paces like San Telmo, and it's something that you have to deal with if you want to have friends visit.

Tomorrow they'll be leaving Buenos Aires to travel to Mendoza and Cordoba, so I'll have a few days in between when they come back to the city. Next month I have some more friends visiting, and I'm guessing we'll be going to the same kinds of places again. Eventually I might just have to make a treasure map and let people find stuff on their own, because I don't know how many more times I can handle going to the San Telmo fair. Now it's time for the Superbowl as the girls go out to a tango bar.


Amy Lyon said...

I have a pirate fetish. Will you please make a treasure map when we come visit?

Jon said...

X marks the nerd.