Thursday, March 26, 2009

Possible Payday

Ever since we gave the ultimatum to not show up for work on Monday if we weren't paid by Friday, the university has gotten to work on finally getting our money. It seems that all they needed was a little threat. Since Tuesday we've been running around making copies of our passports, bank account numbers, and running after financial officials to sign new copies of our contracts with the correct amount of money in them.

And today we might have finally gotten there. We signed the new contracts again, and though that should have wrapped it up, one of the top financial directors is in Belgium, while another is in Quito. But we've been told that he'll be back late this afternoon, so by tomorrow he will sign our checks. They checks are already there, they've told us, and all he has to do is sign them. So hopefully we can get the money tomorrow without any problem and still show up for class as scheduled on Monday.

It's annoying that for months no one really seemed to care or want to take responsibility, and only after we told them that we would stop working did they start to do anything about it. My director in the university told me that she was sorry, but it was no one's fault. Well, actually, it is someone's fault. It's not like it just started raining on a picnic in the park. You can't account for that. Not being paid for over two months--yeah, that's someone's fault. But I'm not too upset, and as long as the check arrives as promised tomorrow, I'm ready to move on. So here's to hoping that the financial guy actually shows up tomorrow and signs the check.

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