Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday In the Park

Today I went up to Palermo to check out the parks. Everyone raves about the parks up there, and since I live in an area where there are none, I wanted to see what they were like and scope out potential areas to run in. It was sunny, the weather had finally turned around and was warming up as my cold was ending, and people were out in force enjoying the day. Here are several photos.

Some interesting art/murals throughout the parks

"Yankees, Leave Latin America"--Several of these found outside the U.S. Embassy

Ponds are found throughout some of the parks

The remnants of last nights' parties for a group starting up a parilla in the park

Part of a park is designed in the Andalusian architecture. They actually look exactly like the parks in Sevilla, Spain

An outdoor experience in a huge city

Near the U.S. Embassy, construction being done includes a new half pipe and what looks like more activities for skate borders and bikers.

A lamp post and a branch merge on the cracks of sunlight

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