Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Way to Start a Week (Sarcastic)

Today was a nervous, aggravating day that I'd like to forget. There's a million things to balance at once. Grad school applications are all starting to be done at once, and it doesn't seem as though the GRE scores made it to all of the schools. My parents are coming in a week and then we're taking off to go to Patagonia for 2 weeks. I'm moving out soon, and also in the process of getting my DNI. Too much, too fast.

This morning I got to the Registro Civil at 8:30 am to pick up a copy of my mom's birth certificate for the 3rd time. The woman who helped me last time was supposed to meet me again and help out, but she was an hour late, and I stood outside the Registro getting antsier and antsier. The only funny part of the day occurred when 3 or 4 people came up to me as I leaned against the column and asked me for advice. They wanted directions to other Registro's and wanted to know how to go about getting some kind of form.

A normal person would have no idea how to answer those questions. But since I've been running the gauntlet and doing the same thing, I was giving them directions perfectly and explaining the process. It was as if I worked there, only I was helping them out. Finally the helpful woman showed up and we went in, waited our turn, and then finally picked up a fresh copy of my mom's birth certificate. All that wait because the word "dieciocho" was cut off at the top.

I was late for work, which made me nervous. But on top of that, I had plans to sign the lease for an apartment after work, which made me more nervous. The rest of the day was spent toiling over it all, and wondering if I should go forward with it. In the end, my other option wasn't looking too strong, and I went ahead to Palermo to sign the deal. Yet when I got there, it wound up taking 2 hours to work things out, and as it stands it still isn't resolved.

First, the owners insisted on keeping a maid which I would have to pay for, but I told them I didn't need one and would clean myself. This took some debating until they agreed to wait a month and see how I cleaned up. Next, even though we agreed to pay half in cash and half in check, they decided they didn't want to accept check because they would have to pay a fee to cash it. So again we were at a deadlock.

The real estate agent stood in the middle trying to make both parties happy, until finally we agreed on a short term deal. I had half of the 6 months advance rent in cash. We ripped up the first 6 month contract and made 2, 3 month contracts. In this way, I could at least be able to move in and pay them their cash when I had it available. So tomorrow I'll meet up with the real estate agent again, figure out how to get him his cut, and get the keys to my new place.

Since I'm already paying for it as of tomorrow, I'll be moving out of my apartment sooner than I thought, and will look to have all of my stuff in the new place by Saturday morning, before my parents arrive and before I go to Patagonia for 2 weeks. If I could just get a spare moment to let it all settle, some of it might make some sense.

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