Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hold the Phone

Last night was a long one, and leaving the club after sun up, I headed back to a friends' apartment to crash for a few hours. I didn't get back to my place until noon, with a vicious hangover being fed by the high heat in the city. I was down though because I'd lost my phone somewhere between the taxi ride back and crashing at the apartment.

I looked all around the room but couldn't find anything, and just chalked it up to slipping out of my pocket in the taxi, which was very uncharacteristic. I was hoping that my friend would continue to look for the phone, and wasn't going to rush on getting a new one because truth be told, I get more text messages from the phone company with promo's than from people. But then I remembered that I'm going back to the Registro Civil on Monday and need to call the helpful magistrate to come with me. So I needed a phone.

After ambling back to the apartment in the intense heat, with my head feeling like it was in a fishbowl of beer, I sat in the cool shade of the living room talking to Dan and Valerie. Paula was still sleeping so we didn't go looking for the phone again, but I had accepted that it was gone, and went out into the streets to find an open Movistar store. I walked all around Corrientes and Florida, packed with tourists, yet no Movistar was open. On a Saturday afternoon I couldn't buy a phone, which I thought was a bit ridiculous, but I went home to nap and regroup.

Then by chance, when talking to Valerie online, she told me that the phone was found. So because the phone stores were closed I was saved of having two phones. It's also just a really complicated time, and spending a lot of money on a new phone is not an expense I can afford. I've had that phone since my first week in Ecuador last year (after my first was stolen) and it has gotten me by. For now it will keep going in Argentina.

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