Tuesday, August 4, 2009

La Vida Idealist!

I'm happy to now finally announce that my first blog post has been posted to La Vida Idealist, a new blog about volunteering opportunities in Latin America. This blog is part of a larger network for Idealist.org, a Web site that helps people from across the globe find volunteering opportunities, jobs, and other organizations around the world. I'm excited to be working with this team of bloggers on this new project. So far, the site is in a soft launch, meaning that it's just being started up and hasn't been fully promoted yet.

But keep checking in because in the next few weeks the site will be officially launched and content will be added daily. I will be blogging at least every Tuesday, but have the opportunity to blog more if I choose to. You should definitely check up that blog, in addition to Travel Guy, because I'll be writing different content on La Vida Idealist. Every blogger has a different angle, and my theme will be life after you've finished long term volunteering. I'm currently in the United States, but in few weeks will be moving again, this time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. My main goal will be to find a job opportunity, either with a non-profit organization or any job that will allow me to sustain myself and be able to write as well. So the experiences that I share will be of interest to a wide range of groups and demographics. So keep reading!

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