Monday, August 10, 2009

Now Featured on Travel Blogs!

I'm happy to announce that this blog, Travel Guy, is now featured on the Web site Travel Blogs, which features some of the best travel blogs on the Internet. You can find the link for my blog here, though it will take you back to this blog in the end anyway. This will mean, hopefully, some more exposure for this blog and more work ahead. In addition to being featured on Travel Blogs, I'm going to be taking part in some panel discussions on various topics related to travel from time to time. So besides checking up Travel Guy and La Vida Idealist, where I also blog, you can also check in on Travel Blogs and see what some other unique travelers are up to these days. I've been busy the last few days but today will be publishing a blog about what I've been up to while at home, as well as a video I'm working on with footage from the last trip I took in Ecuador, to Quilotoa crater lake. So check back in soon!

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