Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

After a short nap and some lunch I headed back out today. I really wasn't that exhausted from the race and felt like walking around, so with such a beautiful day, I decided to walk to the Botanical Gardens. The last time I went it was rainy and nearly empty, but today it was the complete opposite, with many people walking around and sun breaking through the cracks in the trees.

I took a couple of pictures and sat down for a while before meeting up with Hannah down in Recoleta. I jumped on the 67 and met up with her and a conversation partner of hers by the fair. The area was packed with young people and live music was being performed by two groups side by side. The last time I was here it was a similar scene, but I thought that day must have been special. Evidently, every Sunday there is music in Plaza Francia though. Just to get your mind in the right place, that's across from the Museum of Fine Arts and Buenos Aires Design (mall).

We walked through the stalls for a few minutes and then sat on the grass listening to the music for a while. All around us groups were having picnics with mate and snacks, and the music was actually really good. I have to say, this has been a pretty tight Sunday. Now I just hope something good is on TV tonight.

And also, this is one of the bands that was playing. I'm not quite sure why, but they are wearing white dresses. Going for a ZZ Top sort of theme?

Above: Images from the Botanical Gardens and Plaza Francia

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